Objectives of the project:

Promote sustainable development and help achieve Kazakhstan’s commitments for CO2 reduction under the 2015 Paris Agreement

Target CO2 reduction by increasing the share of renewable energy sources through energy transition

Help develop Kazakhstan’s new gas processing industry, decarbonizing its energy sources, creating new skills and technology clusters

Increase the supply of gas available for consumption of households and business entities located in the West Kazakhstan region

Develop a new ammonia-hydrogen industrial cluster in Kazakhstan

Protect the margins from liquids for the upstream industry

Help diversifying the economy of Kazakhstan

The proposed structure of the KGEC gas complex

KGEC Production Facilities:

  • 5 Plants

KGEC Industrial Complex (4 Plants)

  • Gas sweetening plant
  • Natural gas combined-cycle power plant
  • Ammonia production plant
  • Desalination plant

Nostrum Gas Facility (1 Plant)

  • LPG fractionation plant

The overall investment for the project is expected to be above USD 5 BN.